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Thread: Slow Broadband / Download Speeds using Netgear DG834G Wireless Router

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    Slow Broadband / Download Speeds using Netgear DG834G Wireless Router

    Ok , im new to this forum (So Hello everyone ), but im not entirely knew to Networking and DSL broadband.

    Over the past 2 years my Netgear DG834G has worked fine (still is), but over the past 2 days my speed (on the internet) has dropped dramatically.

    My Service Provider is (Don't Laugh)- AOL UK and my connection speed should be 2MB (might have been upgraded to 3MB recently).

    Basically my setup is this:

    PC (Upstairs) - Connected Via Ethernet
    PC 2 (Downstairs) - Connected Via Wireless
    Laptop (Anywhere) - Connected Wireless / Ethernet
    Xbox 360 (Upstairs) - Concected Wireless
    PS3 (Upstairs) - Connected Wireless
    Wii (Downstairs) - Connected Wireless

    *NOTE* Only a MAXIUM Of 3 these are ever used at once. (mainly PC, 360 n Laptop). But its usually just 1 or 2.

    Anyway...the problem is this:

    Up untill 2 days ago (Saturday 16th june) my internet worked fine, i could play games online no problem, could stream videos and download files with no problems (downloading files usually at abowt 80kb/80Kb+). But now when i browse the internet it seems laggy and slow and when i try and download a file the max it goes up to is 15kb/15Kb) - however when i play games online on my xbox 360 it seems to run fine.

    And Its bugging me.

    I have a static IP and my router has "port-forwarded" a few programs, which all say they are working correctly, but the speed still seems way below normal.

    My Routers ADSL Settings menu states that my connection speed is 2.5mb (downstream) and 460Kb (upstream), yet i do a broadband test it states my downstream is 250Kb and upstream is 125Kb.

    I have checked all cabling & filters -they are all connected fine, so replaced them with news (i always have spares) - but its still slow.

    I don't use the AOL Browser (which im downloading now and have been for past HR!) to see if i have reccieved any mail.

    Any help would be nice

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    Try dissconnecting all but your PC and run the speed test again. If the problem is still there try the laptop. Once you get a good speed test, start plugging things back in one at a time and do the speed test. As soon as the speed slows down you will have found the culprit.

    ~ Mike

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