why am i getting i should be getting around 4mb a sec down but im only getting 200/300kb sec do you see any thing wrong with any of these Downstream Signal
Favorite Downstream Frequency: Hz
Frequency: 117000000 Hz
QAM Mode: 256 QAM
Channel Power: 3.3 dBmV
SNR: 33.633 dB

Upstream Signal
Channel Id: 21
Frequency: 33000000 Hz
Channel Width: 3200000 Hz
Channel Power: 31.0 dBmV

DOCSIS1.1 Quality of Service Parameters
Direction Upstream Downstream
SFID 0x33fc 0x33f9
SID 0x31 N/A
Traffic Priority 0 0
Max Sustained Traffic Rate (bps) 512000 7168000
Max Transmit Burst (bytes) 3044 3044
Min Reserved Traffic Rate (bps) 0 0
Service Flow Scheduling Type Best Effort N/A
Model Name: DCM-202
Hardware Version: 1A
Software Version: 2.00.03D1.02
MAC Address: 00.0F.3D.6A.38.56
System Time: SAT JUN 16 05:16:17 2007
System Up Time: 00h:37m:02s
Standard Specification Compliant: DOCSIS 1.1/2.0

Cable Modem IP Information
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway IP:
DHCP Lease Time: D: 05 H: 04 M: 45 S: 20

Attached Devices
Mac Address Attached Interface
00.0F.EA.7E.25.61 Ethernet