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    Wireless Repeater

    Maybe this is old hat to you guys, but I'm really impressed with it so I'll share it with you guys....

    I'm living in a block of units, and Im sharing an internet connection with one of my neighbours (WITH his knowledge!!!). The problem was, the signal had to come from his unit, up one floor, and across one unit. In my flat, I could only receive th signal if I sat with my laptop in the very corner of my kitchen, closest to his unit. But I have my desktop set up in my office, and from there I couldn't even see his signal.

    What I wanted was some router that would pick up his signal in my kitchen, and then repeat/amplify it all over my flat.

    Everyone told me such a thing didn't exist (well not at a reasonable price anyway). I found a bity of kit from Netgear, but the reviews of it were atrocious, most said it didn't work.

    Then I found a dd-wrt. This is free/opensource firmware for the Linksys WRT-54G (and other) routers.

    I downloaded the new firmware, flashed my router, spent about 15 minutes on the setup, and now I have my very own wireless repeater repeating the signal from downstairs through my unit, strong as anything. It even provides me with my own subnet inside my flat....


    If anyone is interested, I'll post more info.

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    Yeah DD has been around for a while...adds some feature and performance to the older wrt54g models......

    Certian models will do the WDS by default, that you're using.

    Quite a few other 3rd party firmwares too..Tomato is one of my favorites...
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