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Thread: Work to home networking...

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    Work to home networking...

    This is not infact networking from a pc at work to a pc at home, but involves bringing my work laptop home. I know very little of the type of network at work, although it is wireless and quite a bit more secure than at home.

    At home i have a Netgear 8-port switch wired to my home desktop pc along with 2 other pc's. My problem is getting the laptop on this network aswell. The laptop has 3G data card so it has a wireless internet connection for use at home. I would of course want to share this connection over the network.

    What i have tried thus far is plugging in the laptop to the network and the changin the settings just as i did for the other pc's. Windows did some installing and hanging when i applied the settings and i still couldnt see the network on the laptop. When i logged of my laptop i couldn't log in again. My password didn't work and I had to have the Tech guys at work sort out the problem. Im guessing the log in on the laptop is somehow linked with the server at work, and i tampered with the server settings when trying to link at home.

    So how would i link it at home without affecting the settings at work? Basically i would like to go to work and use the wireless network there, and come home and just plug in without really changin any settings. Is this possible?

    And then how would one get the 3G connection to work over the network?

    Your help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks a million

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    ok i found out something... during some network setup it said i cannot connect to network beause my laptop is on a domain and my pc is then of course on a workgroup. Is this networking possible then?

    I got it to see the workgroup. But when i try to access the workgroup from the laptop, it hangs, and then just opens a blank folder. My drives are shared on the desktop pc. My desktop pc cannot see the laptop...?
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    I think you need to setup a separate network connection for your home network.
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    I think you can set alternate IP setting[/url] on your network card, and also manually change the domain setting to workgroup when you are at home, of course you need to take note on existing domain setting and change to original setting when you back to work (pretty easy to change). Remember to allow file sharing traffic to go through on firewall if it's installed on labtop. Then it should work...

    Hope helps..

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    It depends on your network settings..generally this should be no problem. I have my laptop configured to my domain at my office, I also run my own domain at home...laptop has no problem going back and forth.

    First...realize that this laptop probably falls under the administration of work. You "should" check with the IT guys first..before doing anything. I highly advise that you don't mess with network settings...and you don't try to change the laptop over to "workgroup mode". You don't need to anyways.

    Now if your laptop has it's TCP/IP settings set to "obtain auto"..from a DHCP long as you also have something at home that does that..such as most common broadband should have no problem getting your laptop online at home. If all you want to do is access the internet from really don't need to run any network setup wizards..those are for file and print sharing. TCP/IP is all you need for internet.

    Now..if your office network has your laptop on static IP can use one of the many network profile programs out there..such as "Netswitcher". A good one that has been around a long for. This allows some "road warriors" to configure their laptops for multiple can build "network profiles". Another popular one is "NetSetMan" from Snapfiles.

    If you want to access "shares" at home..still no problem. Long as certain things are setup correct...but I'll refrain from going into this unless you say you also want this.
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    If I understand correctly you have a 3G connection provided by your work. This is setup on your laptop. You want to share this internet connection to all of your home computers which are connected by a switch, and have no internet access. Is that correct?

    If so I would recommend you don't. You need to setup ICS (which you will probably be blocked from doing on the laptop), and change some network settings on your laptop. This could cause problems for you when you go back to the office. Not to mention I am sure it would be a violation of policy to be using that wireless card to provide internet access to your whole family and for personal use. Generally there is some sort of restriction that it is to be used for business use only.

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    The 3G card is my own. Iv tried just sharing the 3G connection over the network. It said something about it only connected with TCP/IP but could not connect to a remote pc on some IP/IPX thing... I dont really understand any of this... What is supposed to happen on the other home pc's when the connection is shared? Does the internet just... work... or is there a icon that apears in the systray..?

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