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    Hi guys, I need help badly here,

    I have a speedtouch modem with ADSL access through PPPOE, ie. ISP details entered in the modem and when the modem is on, it is directly connected to the internet and i just connect my pc with DHCP settings to have access.

    Now the problem is that I bought this MSI RG60G router and I tried both STATIC IP settings and also DYNAMIC IP settings, I have various fields to fill up in the router, LAN IP is by default ( ie. the IP used to enter the router menu ) then LAN SUBNET by default Then I have WAN IP, which in case it is static I give one of the modem's range of assignbale ip's for example, WAN SUBNET which is the subnet connected to the ADSL MODEM, WAN GATEWAY ( the ip needed to access the ADSL MODEM ) and the DNS primary and secondary.

    From the Status Page the router shows it is connected to the modem as IPS are assigned and packets are sent and received, but I canot get Internet access on my pc. Of course my pc connected to the modem works brilliantly.

    If i decide to use the DYNAMIC IP settings, it just gets all these IPs mentioned above by itself but still the same problem.

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    You want to either change your Speedstream to pure bridged that your router obtains the public IP address and does the PPPoE.
    Add an access point to your Speedstream, not another router. You can configure wireless routers to run as an access point though..assign them a LAN IP in the same range as your primary router (the speedstream in your case), but outside the DHCP pool. Example..if your primary router is or, make your second one Now disable DHCP on the secondary router..and uplink it to your primary router using a LAN port of each.

    Right now you have your router, which runs a network behind it, connecting to another router which also runs a network behind it. So your secondary router is naturally has a network on both sides. "Which way do I go George?"

    You can end up taking a 3rd (and less ideal approach) Change your MSI router to uplink it to your Speedstream using the WAN port of the MSI. But now you're double NAT'ing..not the best setup..but it can work for "most" things.
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    If I set my Speedtouch Modem to BRIDGE instead of PPPOE with the usual ISP settings, I still need to give the speedtouch the VPI/VCI setting (8.35 in my case otherwise adsl doesn't work ) and the set it to bridge.

    Now until that point I did try it and then set my MSI router with PPPOE settings and gave the ISP settings from there but never worked...could it be that they did not work as they were both on ? you think it can work if I do as I said with bridge etc.. and set my MSI to as LAN IP setting?

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    Ok so here's how i'm working right now, i am using one of the four LAN connectors on the router NOT the WAN ( cant get the wan to work :S )

    I am first configuring the SpeedTouch modem with PPPOE settings etc so it connects to internet always.

    Then on my MSI Router I give Lan IP some ip could be anything ranging from to, if it is smaller then the only difference it makes is that on the SpeedTouch modem it wont show under ethernet connections as it has a pool from -

    Then WLAN IP on the router can be given any ip as it is not going to be connected/used so its just fill in the blanks. Then I make DHCP on my pc nic card and connect to another LAN connector from the three left on the Router. Here my pc gets an IP assigned by the router, which is also shown under the SpeedTouch ethernet connection. Therefore if the MSI Router gives an IP to my PC of, this will be shown in the SpeedTouch Modem under ethernet connections with my PC NAME or MAC ADDRESS with the IP given by the MSI Router ie.

    I'd like to know how I can connect the router to my speedtouch through the WAN connector so I have 4 Lan ports free and not only 1.

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    Your router wont pass ip address's on the same subnet as the lan through the wan port. Try changing one or the other device to a different subnet.

    Say 172.31.*.*

    or Bridge the modem, as suggested above.
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    I tried bridging my modem to my router and set ISP username and password on my router but won't connect as my ISP adviced me that there is some uncompatability issue with MSI routers.

    So the only thing left to do if i want to use WAN as uplink, is to keep on setting modem with PPPOE and ISP settings so it connects by itself to the internet then using STATIC WAN IP on my Router to be able to route internet to the LAN ports. I think I should disable DHCP from the router but i'm not sure what Subnet and Wan Gateway IP should I give on the router.

    Shall I give as a subnet to that between modem/router there is and then between router and PC there is That should solve one problem...but what is exactly WAN Gateway IP? what should i set it to ?

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    Figure this out yet?

    set your router for dhcp or cable connection. That way it will get an address automatically from the modem.

    If its 192.168.1.X make sure your lan is on a differnt subnet. Say 192.168.10.X would work.
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    I have a RG60G.

    Fron the network I have a static IP for the server. The second network card from the server have a set of static IPs. How can I configure my RG60g to conect at the server output?

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