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Thread: cannot display the web-page

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    Question cannot display the web-page

    trying to go to all 3 of my comp get the cannot display page error

    i checked my host file nothing in their and i know the page is up and running had a couple friends check it for me.

    any ideas on why this would have started. i go to the page all the time...... my wife orders from them alot

    just need to get this fixed it happen about a month ago but only to 1 comp and when we went to the site on the other comp the site started to work on all the comps dint know if that was just good timing or what.

    i was hoping that would fix it again but like i said none of the comps are going to the site.

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    If all of your pcs aren't able to go there check your DNS servers in your router, try the following dns servers - - and see if they work better for you.

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    What is the LAN setup? Router? ICS? Each stand alone? DHCP? Active Directory? What the heck is running DNS for the LAN?
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