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Thread: just purchased this watercooling setup. (KINGWIN AS-3000)

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    just purchased this watercooling setup. (KINGWIN AS-3000)

    KINGWIN AS-3000

    • Universal clip sets.
    • Quick install connectors.
    • Multi function LCD panel displays information in several different colors.
    • Noise and heat sensors.
    • Liquid cooler mainframe
    • Easy adjustable knob for fan speed and temperature control function.
    • Blue Aquastar stickers for side panel when use externally.
    • CPU block.
    • VGA block.
    • AMD K7 (Socket 462) support.
    • AMD K8 Opteron and Athlon 64 support.
    • Intel PIII (Socket 370) all speed support.
    • Intel PIV (Socket 478).
    • 1 x CPU conductor.
    A handful of bad reviews, but near 150 total with close to 75% of them being good. I am hoping to squeze a bit more from this 3800+ x2 as well as my 7950gtoc.

    What do you guys think for a water-cooling setup under 100$



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    I have that actually. It's not bad for the price, but don't use the VGA block.

    I really only overclocked on processor with it, which was a pentium d 915. I got it to around 3.9 I believe.. I think it ran like 55C under load.

    One problem I had with it actually.. Just recently the pump went out, after about a year or so of use. Good news is it has a REALLY loud alarm when the pump stops, so you'll know something is up.

    On my current rig I use this thermaltake kit:

    Although I don't use the 1x120MM as it uses smaller fittings and reduces flow. On a Core 2 Duo @ 3.8GHz, I run about 40C load with the fans on the lowest speed I can put them without them turning off (I have them on a fan controller).
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