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Thread: Console's popularity

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    Console's popularity

    From the link

    Gamasutra has obtained data from analyst firm Frank N. Magid Associates originally compiled for the MI6 marketing conference, and detailing some fascinating survey data on Wii/Xbox 360 purchasers buying a second console, as well as overall consumer purchasing enthusiasm for next-gen consoles.

    When surveying Xbox 360 owners, 52% are neutral or more likely to buy a PlayStation 3 because of their first purchase, and a much larger 66% are neutral or more likely to buy a Wii because they now own an Xbox 360.
    In fact, in this last case, 19% of the Xbox 360 owners say that they are somewhat or much more likely to own Nintendo's next-gen console because of their ownership of the Xbox 360, by far the highest of those surveyed.

    For next-gen consoles, the Xbox 360 led in terms of respondents either owning the console or more concretely intending to get one, with 10% already owning an Xbox 360, 5% saying they will definitely pick one up, and 3% saying they will probably get one - for a total of 18%. However, 11% of those replying said they had a 50/50 chance of picking one up, and 54% say they definitely would not.

    The PlayStation 3 performed weakest in the owning, definitely buying, and probably buying categories, with 4%/5%/5% for a total of 14%, but 13% of those replying said they had an even chance of buying Sony's hardware, and 54% said they would definitely not - the same number as Xbox 360.
    Full Story:
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    well, that would be us ... we own a 360, then got a Wii ...

    honestly, I'm not interested in the PS3 at all ...

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    This is probobly the first generation that i don't feel the need to have multiple systems. The 360 has everything i need. Great graphics, great add ons (wireless wheel...etc) and by far the BEST games so far.
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