Hi friends,

Hope all are in good spirits alive n kickin as usual. Ok. Heres the situation. I am accessing internet thru a netgear wgt624 v3 router with the latest firmware, from 2 storeys down, in the keller-the underworld :-) Had to choose that location. stress test! ;-) I was able to access the net using my onboard intel proset/wireless adapter having the updated intel proset software. But it looses intermitently, unless i keep the router outside the door of room, 2 storeys up. so, to solve the problem and as suggested by many i purchased netgear's own wg111t usb adapter hoping that it would solve the intermitent disconnection. I installed all the latest firmware etc. On the contrary it doesnt detect at all in the keller. nto even when i am outside my room. Its worse.

All my router configuration is as adviced by "YeOldeStonecats Wireless Networking Tips " here


One thing i must surely admit and go with YeOldeStonecats. The inbuilt Windows XP SP2 wireless utility. It not only connect 2 storeys down. It never looses out with any of the configurations in th erouter. the wg111T adapter dint work with any comninations of configurations in router viz. setting to XR extended range, enabling 108 mbps , channel of 6(default), 1 , 11 / nor by disabling the XR feature, setting the channel to 1 or 11.

The windows baby did.... I am returning the NUTGEAR product . If any one has fixes for the net gear stuff please do update me.