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Thread: DSL modem hiding from DLink router

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    Red face DSL modem hiding from DLink router

    PC: windows XP pro SP2
    router: DI-614+
    old modem: motorola surfboard SB4100 (used from cable feed)
    new modem: siemens speedstream 4100 (used from DSL feed)

    Goal: use PC with DI-614+ with siemens 4100 DSL feed.

    Success #1: PC with DI-614+ with motorola SB4100. Set up of IP address to see DI-614+. Router sees motorola SB4100 using motorola MAC address and DHCP setting.

    Success #2: PC with siemens 4100. Set up IP address to see the DSL modem.

    Problem: PC with DI-614+ with siemens 4100. I can access DI-614+ using and using MAC address of siemens 4100 on the router makes the siemens 4100 "internet LED light" go on. But I can't get through to the internet. Router setting is DHCP. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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    Siemens is probably configured to do the PPPoE and NAT....either use it as your router, or disable the router feature and put it into bridged mode and use your own router.
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    Thanks for the reply and suggestion, "YeOldestonecat". I will address it toward the end.

    I was desperate because no one had posted a reply by 4:30 this morning after working on it for 4 hours the night before. So I switched wires again and tried this scenario.
    Here is what gave me connectivity success from PC to telepone wall plug:
    1) I changed the browser access to the D-Link to (because it had the same browser access as the Siemens).
    2) I connected to the D-Link via I selected DHCP in the top of the selection window. I keyed in a 12-digit MAC address (that the D-Link had cloned via the "Wizard" selection). I clicked on "apply" and closed the window.
    And I got through to the internet.
    3) Then, I started un-plugging cables to put them out of the way and also unplugging the power to the D-Link and Siemens. Guess what? It stopped working. So I decided to turn off all three-PC, router, & modem. After 1/2 hour nap, I turn on Siemens and wait until the LEDs are solid (about 2 minutes). Then I turn on the D-Link until the LEDs are solid (about 2 minutes). Then, I turn on the PC (about 2 minutes). When I try the internet, it was on again. This is without doing any setting changes. The sequential powering of the 3 devices must have done the trick.

    "YeOldeStonecat". I tried the bridged mode suggestion last night on the Siemens with PPPoE on D-Link but it still didn't work. When I tried to connect to the Siemens again, I couldn't find it. It really scared me. I had to poke the reset pin in the back of the Siemens to get back the default settings and see it again via

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