>> Looks like we'll get a 4th commercial 'Tilt addon' for the Xbox 360 controller. After the Talismoon tiltBoard (made with Adam Thole), GreenGiant's Xilt and Team Xtender's XCM BesTilt, Hybrid Innovations informed us they are working on the MSC (Motion Sensitive Controller) Board (tentative name).
'Tilt addons' essentially replaces the left analog stick of the Xbox 360 controller to allow the user to controller the item or character in the game with actual motion (a bit like the Wii Controller and Sixaxis).

Here's the list of features we got from them:
* 3 levels of sensitivity (we realize, depending what game, some actions need to be more fluent than others, i/e: playing a racing or flying game). The levels of sensitivity are Low-Medium-High. Sensitivity can be controlled externally by pressing a sequence of buttons on the controller. We chose the LB and RB (L1 & R1) buttons to dictate this function (why? - these are the buttons least used in games).
-In order to get into the sensitivity choosing mode, one must simply hold the R1 button and then switch through the different modes by hitting the L1 button (hit L1 once for medium level, twice to go to high level). To reset it to the lowest level, one must hold the R1 button for 5 seconds without touching L1.
* Ability to turn the chip on and off - this is done by pressing the L1 & R1 buttons simultaneously for 5 second. There is no external switch needed.
* Low Wire count - just 9 wires!
* Surface mountable - completely fits inside the controller without any modification to the plastic enclosure.
* Practicality - although there is a version that enables USB support, we have noticed in our research that this is not practical. One would always have to open the back cover to access the PCB, this is where the USB Connector is located thus making the board inconvenient. In addition, with the different levels of sensitivity present on our design, it eliminates the strain the user would have to go to by messing around the degrees of motion themselves.
* CHEAP - we promise to deliver the LOWEST price from any of our competitors, currently the estimated retail price is $29.99. We also include a tool to open the xBox 360 controller in every package - NONE of the competitors offer this.
* MSC Board is not limited to the xBox 360 - however, the pre-installed code is specifically for the xBox 360 controller. Upon a dealer's request, we can slightly edit the code to add motion sensitive control to almost any device that has an analog output!

Official Site: soon - not online yet (by Hybrid Innovations)