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Thread: Here's how I did it!! VPN to an Office network

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    Here's how I did it!! VPN to an Office network

    Hardware and Infrastructure

    For the server we run Windows 2003 Server
    The remote PC must be running Windows XP Pro.
    I have a standard broadband connection (with Virgin).
    We have a Draytek Vigor 2600i Router with 16 VPN connections available on the Office network.
    The office network is a Domain based network.
    DNS is running
    WINS is installed and running.
    There are shared folders available on the file server and you must know the full path to them, i.e. \\ourserver\our shared files\sales.

    Setting up the Router
    Firstly you MUST have a static IP address for your Router. This can be obtained from your ISP. Generally your ISP will assign a dynamic IP address but some will give a static one. Whatever, you need a static IP address before you do anything else.

    There is a good guide on the Draytek website for setting up the Router:

    Making the connection to the Router from the remote PC

    Ideally it would be best to separate out your domestic internet connection from your business/office internet/VPN connection.

    So you will need to set up two new connections, one for your internet connection and one for your VPN connection

    Create a new Dial-Up connection:
    Network Connections
    Create a new connection
    Connect to the Internet
    Set up connection manually
    Connect using Dial-up connection (or the connection appropriate to you)
    Select your modem
    Give the connection a name (Work dial-up Connection)
    Enter your Username and password
    Untick ‘make this the default internet connection’
    Click Finish
    The Connection dialog box will now appear
    Click on Properties
    Click on networking tab
    Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    Click on properties
    Leave the ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ selected
    Select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and enter the IP address of your DNS server
    Click on Advanced
    Leave the ‘use default gateway on remote network’ selected
    Click on the DNS tab
    Check the IP address of your DNS server is there.
    Select the WINS tab
    Add the IP address of your WINS server
    Select ‘Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
    Click OK, OK, OK

    Now create a VPN connection:
    Create a new connection
    Connect to the Network at my WorkPlace
    Select ‘Virtual Private Network connection’
    Give the connection a name (Work VPN Connection)
    Next select the internet connection to dial if it has not already been made i.e. the connection you have previously created.
    Give the STATIC IP address of your VPN router
    Click OK and the dial-up dialog box will appear.
    Select Properties
    Set up the DNS and WINS in the same way as you did for the previous connection.

    [enter details of setting up a VPN connection]

    Mapping the shared network drives.
    Using My Network Places or just Windows Explorer you can now map the appropriate network drives.
    You can also use a batch file to do it for you. This will assign a drive letter to a shared resource using the domain/username/password appropriate to your network and user.

    This just uses the entry:
    net use J: "\\[IPADDRESS]\[SHARED FOLDER PATH]\" /USER:[Domain]\[UserName] [Password]

    Replace anything within the [] with appropriate strings.
    You can replace the IP address with the server name.

    Basically, that is it!!

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    Seems similar to what you would have setup back in your original post when it wasn't's a standard setup, although WINS isn't needed if you have 2K/XP clients, only 9X clients really need WINS. DNS and suffix, or hosts, should handle it.

    BTW, static IP from ISP not mandatory, yes it's preferred for a business since you want a business grade account for a business anyways (higher priority in case of downtime, and no limits on traffic/ports used) VPN works fine with dynamic dns services.
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