Hi guys,
I have a problem with my Belkin F5D7010 wireless card and DG834G v2 Netgear router. I was using them together until recently when I recieved a "limited or no connection" message, even though I have Excellent signal strength all around the house. I formatted my Toshiba Satellite A60-302 6months ago and reinstalled Windows Xp + SP2 and an extra 1gb RAM, but that's the only difference I've made. The WEP codes for the router are fine and
I started using my neighbours router (with his permission of course) for a month, not doing anything about my router because he had unlimited bandwidth compared to my limited. My neighbour has a WGt624 v2 Netgear router and I recieved the same message 2 weeks ago, although still with Excellent signal strenght. I read around and disabled my Wireless Zero Configuration so the Belkin Wireless Utility could manage the connection (although it wasn't a problem before) and now exam time is approaching I could really do with the internet back. I've reinstalled the software but to no avail.
1 of my housemates now has the same problem with his desktop computer but he can still connect 2 my negihbours network
I'm aware there could probably be more information here but I'm not sure what's needed.
Any help is REALLY appreciated, thanks