I have a pretty strange problem, and nobody can even guess at what is causing it (thus far)

I have 3 PCs on a wireless network, 2 are XP machines, the other is a laptop with vista.

all conditions as close to = as possable.. on my 6M/1bitMBit line when i do a speed test or download a file, the XP machines can only muster around ~4Mbit/sec download.. where as the laptop with vista hits the full 6MBit/sec. all machines get full upload speed..

tested with other machines OFF network, no other activity of course.

also..WITH THE XP MACHINES when doing speakeasy test for example.. when attached to the router with Cat5 it surges over 8mbit then provisions down to 6.. but over wireless it slowly climbs and maxes out at 4 ish.. the vista laptop surges over 7 and levels at 6 over wireless.

mind you this is with 54mbit connection to the router. which is sitting perhaps 8 feet away.

Router is currently a Belkin, but a Have a Buffalo MIMO router coming next week.

network cards are ZyXEL M-302 on the XP machines and.. I dunno on the laptop, who cares it works.

both machines are relativly new and high end.

im hoping the problem goes away when i get a new router.. but I doubt it will.