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Thread: new router - no internet, just file sharing

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    new router - no internet, just file sharing

    I have just replaced my LAN router.

    I have 3 computers;

    1 server computer which acts as a gateway between the internet and my network. This is also where all my files are stored. This is plugged into my router in the LAN1 slot.
    2 client computer which i access the interenet and file from. plugged into LAN 2 and LAN3 on the router.

    I have completed the network wizard on all pcs. the 2 client computers now have access to the files on the server, but no internet. i've tried pinging websites from the 2 pc's with no luck.

    the internet works fine on the server pc.

    i have disabled all firewalls and still no luck.

    any help?

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    The router is trying to become your's also running DHCP, advertising itself as the gateway for your other 2x PCs. They try to exit through the router...and naturally can't go anywhere.

    Recommendation....get rid of the slow buggy ICS on your first computer, configure your router as it wants to be...connected to your broadband modem on the WAN port, and it will protect your network via it's NAT firewall.

    Else...all you really wanted was a switch.
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