We have a relatively small network of about 35 clients.
All use WinXpPro and all use the same software.

We use Quick Messenger as our messenger progrma because they like it, it's easy to use and free.

Today, I've had 2 users who were suddenly not getting any messenger messages, nor even net messeges from the server.

If I ping the PC name I get the name resolved to the IP address but the ping times out.

If I ping the IP address, it too times out.

If I log onto the network switch that they are connected to and ping them from there I get errors on all 10 packets sent (HP Procurve switch).

Others in the same office are not affected.

Both PC's were set up identically (Dell E520's) and both are able to access and use the accounts software who's database lives on the server.

Anyone any ideas as to why these two users has vanished as far as ping is concerned?