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Thread: WRT54G Ver 7 Connection Drops and Random Speed

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    WRT54G Ver 7 Connection Drops and Random Speed

    Hello All,

    My configuration and parameters details are as follows;

    -- HP Pavillion Dv1000 Laptop, running Windows XP SP2 (with almost all released updates from Microsoft online update) Dual booting with Ubuntu Linux 6.04.

    -- Intel PRO/Wireless BG 2200 Wireless LAN Adapter with Intel latest drivers In the wireless driver configuration “Power Management” and “Transmit Power” sliders are set to maximum, while “Throughout Enhancement (packet bursting)” is enabled. Wireless adapter configured and working with Ubuntu Linux 6.04 as well.

    -- “Wireless Zero Configuration” as of Windows default is used to manage the Wi-Fi settings (not the Intel PROSet Utility which usually comes around with latest drivers download). The “Infrastructure Mode” for wireless LAN is used. The wireless connection in the Windows is set on DHCP mode to obtain the IP address automatically.

    -- Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Ver 7 , with firmware 7.00.6 upgraded as of March-2007. Configured on Ethernet Internet Cable Connection (used in local neighborhoods , CAT5 wires running from Cable Provider’s Switch to Ethernet NIC of the customer’s desktop). Since WRT54G Wireless Router exists with a switch (and probably other routers ) at Cable Internet Provider’s end, that’s why its configured on “Static IP , SubNet, and DNS” from the same IP addressing range of my Cable Internet Provider. The CAT5 wire from the cable provider is plugged in “Regular Switch LAN Ports (1-4)” of the Wireless router not in the “WAN” port. This lets me access the LAN shared resources of my neighborhood PCs as well (instead of using NAT and router’s DHCP which gives an internal IP address to isolate internal network from WAN).

    -- The DHCP on the router for incoming connections is ‘Disabled”, since now it virtually serves only as a Wireless Access Point to let me fetch the IP address directly from the Cable Providers DHCP server. Internet is configured on “Proxy Settings and Port No.”, the most common method in the Web Browsers configuration.

    Linksys WRT54G Router’s other configuration is as follows ;

    -- Have made a unique SSID and set to broadcast. The router and wireless card on the laptop both set in “G Only” mode since I do not have any 802.11b devices, so no need for mixed mode.

    -- Using default “Channel 11”. WEP security method with an ”Open Passkey” authenticated when connecting to my wireless network. The MTU is default ‘1500’. Beacon Interval is ‘50’. RTS and Fragmentation threshold set to ‘2307’. Enabled ‘Burst Mode’. Made all these settings as advised by some of the gurus whom I came across searching for ways to optimize the Wireless connection.

    -- There are no other wireless routers / networks in my area neighborhood “for sure”. Router is placed within “2 feet” vicinity of the laptop. (basically both are placed on my room table). No substantial obstruction is present b/w the router and the laptop at all.

    -- I have a Billionton Class 1 (100 meter) USB Bluetooth dongle connected to my laptop all the time for synchronizing and access to the mobile and PDA, but it is not actively functioning all the time. I have already read a number of documents citing possible but negligible interference of the Bluetooth and Wireless LAN Adapter/Router signals (since both operate with different techniques in the same 2.4 Ghz band spectrum). Using “BlueSoleil ver 2.3.0” as the Bluetooth software protocol stack in Windows.

    My queries / problems are ;

    -- The Wireless connection drops out at random intervals while browsing internet or LAN resources. This intermittent disconnection may occurs in 5 minutes or maybe in 2 hours, and causes all ongoing connections to break out and reset. The wireless connection icon in the Windows Taskbar disappears and resets itself to show the Pop-up balloon of the network name and connection strength. The same happens when using Wireless connection within Ubuntu Linux 6.04

    -- The Wireless connection speed is also random, as sometimes its reasonably fast, but sometimes it fluctuates from zero to full speed at regular intervals. This is shown in the Graph for Wireless LAN Adapter in Windows Task Manager (checked via generating traffic on the LAN by moving large files etc). Though the “Connection Strength” is always “Excellent” and “54 Mbps” in the connection status all the time.

    -- Have already tested these scenarios by unplugging the Bluetooth Device as well, but no improvement occurs. This does not happen in the “WIRED” mode when connected to one of the Router’s Ethernet port.

    -- Can any sort of "Third Party" firmware upgrade be done to WRT54G Ver 7. Since I read its based on Atheros Chipset (not on broadcom) therefore third-party firmware can never be updated to it. Its based on VxWorks software engine rather than Linux. Is it possible to replace Vxworks with Linux based firmware on Linksys WRT54G Ver 7 routers. Since its written on a couple of websites that it improves connection stability and gives more tweaks to adjust transmit power and other settings.

    If anyone can offer any more trouble-shooting / optimizing tips for my scenario then I would highly appreciate for this help.

    Best Regards,


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    There is no linux based firmware for version 7.x

    you can try to update the firmware to version from the linksys website.

    this worked for me.

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    The later versions of that linksys router are made cheaper, cisco is using less ram inside them than in earlier versions. This is usually not an issue, but if the router logging is enabled then the ram gets eaten up and the wifi will disconnect regularly. Try also uising mixed mode even though your adapters are g capable.
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    MAC filter

    I have same problem, when I turn on the Mac filtering. After turn off the router works fine, but there is my fear of my neighbours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fektor View Post
    I have same problem, when I turn on the Mac filtering. After turn off the router works fine, but there is my fear of my neighbours.
    Why not use WPA security?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    Why not use WPA security?
    Of course I use WPA, but a funny hacker is living in front of my house, and he said that if I don't use Mac address filtering, maybe one day he will do any suprising.

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    there is third party firmware for that router now. Goto . You will need to do some reading for this to upgrade the router successfully.
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