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Thread: Best software for editing out power lines...

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    Best software for editing out power lines...

    I have some great pictures I took a year ago at a concert, but they have annoying utility power lines in the pictures. How can I edit them out? Without ruining the pictures..I hear CS2 is good, but so spendy...What other programs are good, I have versions 9 and 10 for Picture it software, I know 10 is better, its on my opffice computer and have yet to play and see if itll work, I think you use a paint brush or eraser to try to do it or something, I messed with it briefly one day, and forgot all about it. Didnt seem what I wanted though, need fancier, are any of the "Elements" any good. What do profeesional photographers use? I have seen them make teether whiter and fix a pic that I thought I hated because of messy bangs, and they fixed my hair, any clue what they use? I am starting to take photography course but we aint talking software yet, they tell us anykind of adobe is good..I really wanna fix these pictures...

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    Any graphics editor proggie worth it's salt should be able to do it. All the better ones do have a learning curve.

    I have no need for Photoshop and really the price for it would be overkill for me. I use Paintshop Pro. Not as spendy and does what I need a graphics editor to do.

    Others have favorites as well.

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    Make a visit to this, may be you will get an idea,

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    Gimp 2.0 (free)

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    Adobe Photoshop Elements if you can't afford the full version, only about $100 US from adobe, but i would think you could get it cheaper somehere else.

    maybe you can get a discount from your school or something like that ?

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