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Thread: Help, DSL router probs

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    Unhappy Help, DSL router probs

    Okay just moved into a new flat and my router is having issues!

    I previously had a telewest broadband connection, witha belkin 802.11g router, this worked fine. Moved flats, got a new connection with virgin(taken over from telewest) and a new pc. Connected the pc up and set up the new dsl modem, called virn who registered the modems mac address, connection works fine, all is well.

    Got my Belkin Modem out and re run the install set up, all goes well untill the pc tries to communicate with the modem (wired cat 5 connection), error message concerning the communication, doh. The router is a year or so old and the power light led was intermittent, although the other leds were fine, I thought maybe the router was at fault.

    Tried a netgear dsl router, this connect first time(no wizard, or install program), great, however over night the connection dropped and the pc lost its ip. I was unable to get this work again and had to reboot the modem and the router, same problem shortly after. Tried the Belkin modem again without the cd setup software and had the same problem as the Net gear, connection straight off, then IP drop out and I am unable to connect to the router.

    I am stumped now! and wondering if maybe I need to speak to virgin in case they have to change settings their end?

    Here is some other things I have tried.

    Updating nic driver
    Updating router firmware
    resetting winsock settings
    pinging router (when ip is not assigned, no joy)
    added pc's mac address to routers safe list
    tried swapping cat5 ethernet leads
    rebooting pc once connection establishes (on boot up no ip address is assigned)
    trying my old pc which previously was setup for the belkin router, same problem as the new pc with both modems
    trying to access the router wirelessly when the cat5 wired pc is not getting an ip (no connection although i can see the ssid)
    Connecting another pc to a the router with a standard ethernet when the new pc has no ip (no ip is assigned)
    Connecting ps3 via ethernet when no ip is assigned (no connection established)

    My set up is
    New pc
    Dell optiplex gx280
    Nic is broadcom netxtreme

    Belkin 802.11g dsl 4 port router
    Netgear MR814v2 router

    scientific atlantic 2100

    Any help would be appreciated

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    scientific atlantic 2100 this is a cablemodem not a dsl modem now I'm even more confused.

    First try connecting without the router for the time being if you could login no promblem then it's something on your end like router configuration.

    Comptia a+ n+

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    Hi, I have no problems with the connection without the router its only when the router is in the chain.

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