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Thread: a survey program

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    a survey program

    hello everyone

    i'm new to c++ programming and i've been asked to develpo a program containing a for loop where the the answer to each respondent to each question is read in

    the program is as follows:

    hundred people completed the following q uestionnaire;

    what is your highest qualification?
    1.if grade 10
    2.if gade 12
    3.if any tertiary qualification

    how old are you?
    1.if below 20
    2.if between 20-32
    3.if above 32

    what is your gendre
    1.m if male
    2.f is female
    3.h if hetero

    the program has to determine
    a)the number of males aged between 20-30 and highest qualification
    b)the number of people oolder than 30 and a tertiary qualification
    c)the number of females aged 20-30 with a tertiary qualification and display the three total.

    i'm only asking the pseudocode of the program and the rest i will do
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