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Thread: backup batch file

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    backup batch file

    Im sorry that i dont understand most of them cause im new in batch files but i also want to backup & zip some files, lets say:

    "C:\program Files\winzip\wzzip" -a -p -r C:\BACKUP\ "C:\Program Files\ahead\*.*"
    copy C:\BACKUP\ K:\BACKUP\

    i run this batch every day and i want to verify that the backup is done, otherwise prompt me with an error message
    I think that the best way is to compare the date that the backup was run with the date that the file is modyfied. that was a thought but i dont know if is the best way

    thnx in adnvance

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    no one?

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    Paging "Norn"

    ge's the batch file/DOS god

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    Norn? Philip? ........ or someone who knows about plz?

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    The best way is a matter of opinion.

    Why not just name the file using the date.

    etc etc

    Try this

    set folder=%date:~10,4%_%date:~4,2%_%date:~7,2%
    "C:\program Files\winzip\wzzip" -a -p -r "C:\BACKUP\\" "C:\Program Files\ahead\*.*"
    copy C:\BACKUP\ K:\BACKUP\\

    I'm assuming your above posted script works. I don't have winzip and can't test your command syntax.

    If you don't want a bunch of backup files piling up over time, just add a line to remove zip files at the begining of the script

    del C:\BACKUP\*.zip
    del K:\BACKUP\*.zip
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