ISP: Bell Sympatico High Speed
Modem: Alcatel Speed Touch Home Modem (approx 4 or 5 years old)
Location: Aurora Ontario

We have: 2 computers on an ethernet hub, one is a p3 at 1.2 ghz with winXP and the other is a p2 at 500 mhz with win98se.

My family has been pleased with both our ISP and the speed the service provides, but from time to time we've noticed that while the modem is connected that in the middle of an upload or download the throughput will just freeze or go to zero for anywhere from 20 seconds to a whole two minutes.

Is this because our particular modem is 4 or 5 years old or is this common to the service due to our location, or partly both? Aside from this the modem has worked perfectly.

For the most part I'm curious as to whether people advise keeping the modem or bothering Bell for one of the newer Speed Stream 5200 (or newer/better) modem models. Would getting a newer modem improve our throughput or would a simple driver update be all we should be looking at? Please remember, our particular Alcatel is 4 years old.