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Thread: higher speeds from higher CAT's

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    higher speeds from higher CAT's

    does average internet speed increase if you use like CAT7 versus CAT5e?

    just confused on what these higher CAT numbers are even for

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    Internet? No..that's controlled by your ISP, and limits of your modem/router.

    The average broadband connection...somewhere around 5-10 megs now. Yeah some 10 - 15 meg, even 20 meg connections...and some rare cases, like Comcasts Power can briefly burst up past 40, 50, I've even nudged 85 megs.

    Cat 3 supports 10 megs
    Cat 5 supports 100 megs
    Cat 5e, 6...1000 megs.
    Cat 7....10 gigs

    For the average broadband user...a 10 meg connection is not your bottleneck.

    For the other lucky people with faster than 10 meg connections...standard CAT5 100 meg network gear is not your bottleneck.
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