I hope I am in the right forum. Let me know if not.

Have an old win98 gold. Use straight dialup via a local (Seattle, Washington) free dialup ISP. Nocharge.com. Of course dialup is slow, but I see (generally) there are ways to increase "connectivity" and general reference to speeding up dialup web connections.

This address: http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php, states this:

Web Patches - faster loading of Web Pages

The following patch increases Web page loading speed, by doubling the number of possible concurrent open connections. For example, imagine a web page has 20 images and some text - in order for your browser to get all these files, it opens 2 or 4 concurrent connections, depending on the Web server. Increasing the number of open connections allows for faster retrieving of the data. Please note that the patch sets some values outside of the HTML specs. If you decide to install it, backup your Registry first. Changes will take effect after you reboot. Download the patch appropriate for your OS:

Description: SpeedGuide Web Patch for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME
OS: Windows 9x/ME | version: 1.0 | date: 12/18/01 | filesize: 1 KB

It is part of the "SG TCP Optimizer" program.

My Webpage (image/picture) loading speed is very slow. Is this a good place to start, or what other advice does anyone have?

Your help is appreciated in advance. Diligent.