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Thread: Make Blackberry Vibrate

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    Question Make Blackberry Vibrate

    OK, i have written this basic webapage the goes around and pings certain devices in our network and reports whether or not they are online. I have formated it so i can access it from my black berry (which really wasnt anything). It is set to autorefresh every 10 mins.

    What i want it to do is send a alert that vibrates the blackberry when something is down. The page is written in html and php with a little javascript. The blackberry is a 7130e.

    Any thoughts?

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    To make the BBerry vibrate, you need to make an API call. It's possible using RIM's Java API, but I'm not sure if you can embed a call to run a Java app on the device from the device's web browser. Given that RIM is pretty strict about security on their devices, I doubt you could do it from a web page. You could, however, write a small Java application that would ping machines on your network and display an alert (or even a list w/ green/red text to represent status) and vibrate on failure.

    In short, I believe you can do what you want via a Java app on the device, but not by using Javascript. I could be wrong, however.


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