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Thread: hide html code on my website

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    Arrow hide html code on my website


    I have a website and when i browse to it using internet explorer,then click on View source,i can see all my html code. Is there any software to hide my html code?


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    You could use a javascript to disable the rt click context menu (bad manners) but the viewer can still view source from the top menus or the cache.

    You could use an obfuscater to scramble the source code characters, but again, this is bad form. There's no need to hide html or css source code. There can be a need to hide javascript or other scripts, esp if the scripts are very unique and have a monetary value.
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    If you don't want it to be seen, don't put it on the Internet.

    It's quite simple really.

    HTML isn't anything special, but as TonyT said, sometimes, javascript can be worth hiding, however, for anyone detirmined enough, you're not going to succeed.

    If you want to hide your javascript (if you _reeeeally_ must), you can use a packer or obfuscator. A good, fast and popular one for Javascript is Dean Edwards' packer.

    Stick your javascript in their own dedicated files and link to them from your html. You can then obfuscate or "pack" your code. (hint, using the base62 encode)

    Again, for anyone determined enough, even this is breakable. But granted, unless you're packing some amazingly unique code, nobody's going to go to the effort of trying to work out the heavily obfuscated code. On the plus side, the filesize will likely be smaller too.

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