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Thread: DSL stand by?

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    DSL stand by?

    is there any dsl modems with a stand by button or any way to put them in standby thanks in advance.

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    What do you mean by "standby"?

    Do you mean you want an 'always on' internet connection where you do not need to turn power off and on, and thus do not need to enter username and password to connect?

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    maybe he means the standby button like cable modems do, like the motorola surfboards.?

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    You mean have the connection drop after so many minutes of being idle?

    If you are using a dsl client such as xp, winpoet, ethernet for windows should have those settings some modems might even have them build in..
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    It depends on the model of modem you have. SpeedStream 5200 series can select "Autoconnect on Disconnect" and "Idle after XX Minutes" through it web interface options through your ISP. Normally the default setting is "Idle after XX Minutes" set by your ISP to save them network congestion.

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