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Thread: LAN knowledge help

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    Question LAN knowledge help

    Hello good people

    Yeah, me too I've got a tiny home LAN, consisting of 2 computers (one Win2000 and one WinXP) and a router between them, which connects to the Internet.
    Neither of the PCs have installed a Microsoft Server software or anything.
    I configured the LAN manually - I think correctly, because any of the PCs can ping the router or the other PC and get a correct response.
    So both PCs have static IPs, respectively and
    Now I'm confused about the practical, efective use of the LAN and the configuration from this point forward!
    What I want is that I can transfer files from any PC to the other PC through the network (namely filesharing) easily (drag and drop if possible), and maybe control running progams on a PC from the other PC.

    So I here are my questions.

    1). In case of using just Windows' tools, what are the steps to follow next in ordrer to accomplish the goal?
    And what is the application that allows me use to really see the other computer and transfer files between computers?
    (What I did so far is enablig file sharing in My Computer->Properties->View, but I don't know what's next)
    It seems both PCs must be servers and hosts in the same time, so a server must be installed, right...?

    2). I understood that Remote Admin works only for hosts on same physical segment, so in this case it's no good because there are two segments. Is this correct?

    3). Is there any advantage if these Windows built-in tools are used, instead of applications like LAN Find, RealVNC or others? (I'd prefer to try both and then choose)

    4). In case of using non-Windows tools, do I need to follow the same steps? If not, what are the minimum general necessary settings? And do such tools have any advantage?
    (Like, such applications say there is no need of acting as server, so one naturally thinsk they are simpler and better.)

    Thanks a lot!

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    You're already on the same LAN..same segment..same IP range. It's just a matter of selecting a folder to share..and sharing it. For the mixture of Win2K, and XP..I'd disable "simple file sharing" on the XP machine..and setup matching user accounts on both machines.

    This will allow dragging and dropping of files between the shared folders.

    For remote access....XP Pro has built in Remote Desktop you could remote the XP box from the 2K box (after installing the free terminal service client on the XP box). But not visa'd need a 3rd party program such as UltraVNC.
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