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Thread: Configure same server for domain controller and Internet Sharing

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    Configure same server for domain controller and Internet Sharing


    I am a beginnner in the area of servers and networks. Somehow i have these requirements:
    1. Setup a server for file sharing and active directory
    2. Share the dial-up internet connection on the server for domain users

    I have the following
    1. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
    2. 24 port switch
    3. 10 Client Systems

    I have tried to configure the server and it works fine as a domain controller and clients can successfully join the doimain.

    the problem i have is with the internet connection sharing. I use a dial-up connection (thats the only option i have with internet), i can connect the server to internet but clients are not able to connect through server.

    Can anyone help me to slove this problem.

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    Have you setup routing and remote access?

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    When i try to setup RRAS, it ask me to provide domain name. i am only connectin using dial up modem..what should i do there?

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