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Thread: How to tell if I bought a used laptop

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    How to tell if I bought a used laptop

    Is there any way I can tell if my product is used? The box didn't have a seal and looked opened and disturbed.

    I didn't have to regisiter. Actually, during the install process I had to leave the laptop, when I returned, I was on line and there was no form for registering windows.

    I just went to the Windows piracy site. I checked my new computer and it said my copy was legit. Since I didn't register my product, how come it shows up?

    Is there a way for me to check to see if this new laptop was used previously?
    I had a bad feeling about it but cashier assured me that it wasn't used so I bought I am having doubts and want to somehow check it.

    Thanks muchly.

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    You usually won't have to activate computers with the oem op sys preinstalled. Vista or XP? Is there a link in start/programs/accessories/system tools/activate-register ?
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    Thanks....Vista was preinstalled.

    I just checked the start/programs/accessories/system tools/activate-register and there is no such thingy......


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