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Thread: Remote access software problems

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    Remote access software problems

    Hi all, new member with a new problem!
    I use a remote access programme called 'logmeinpro', I operate from my home pc to my office pc.
    My home isp is telewest(now Virgin Media), my office isp is Bt.
    until recently I could access my office pc any time no problem.
    This last month, however, during outside office hours and weekends, I have had apparent speed problems using my office pc from home.
    I've done all the call centrers, but all they do is assure me that the line speed is ok, something I have checked anyway .
    Anyone any idea what could be the cause for this sudden change!
    cheers David

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    Have you run online speed tests to notice any changes?
    Are you using wireless....perhaps if it's unsecured someone nearby is leaching from it.
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    thanks for the reply, yes have done speed tests, seem ok.
    I guess I should try the office pc on cable connection rather than wireless.
    cheers david

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