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Thread: Format of Network Name is Invalid

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    Format of Network Name is Invalid

    I am trying to get Windows Server 2003's DNS working on an old machine.
    The IP of the DNS server is
    The name of the Domain is SYMMETRIX.local.

    The only other computer connected to the server is my Windows XP machine with the IP of

    When I try to connect to the Domain, I get the following error:

    "The format of the specified network name is invalid."

    What is the problem here? Nobody has been able to help me.

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    Don't add the .local when trying to join a computer. Just the NETBIOS domain name.

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    I am pretty sure I tried that.
    When I do not add the .local, the box where I put the Admin & password doesn't even pop up.

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    Some Screens

    Does this help?

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