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Thread: Configuring Zyxel p600

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    Configuring Zyxel p600

    A friend of mine just got DSL from Earthlink and is having problems trying to connect to his PS2 to play online. He tried powering everything down and unplugged the modem to reset, but still no luck. I was wondering if the modem had to be configured somehow for it to work. He does NOT have a router, it is just a straight connection. Thanks for your help.

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    Looking at Zyxel's page I dont see a P600, lowest I see is a P623, and its a modem/router.

    So he should go to the modem's page and see if theres a section to forward ports.

    open command prompt, type "ipconfig" and then in the browser type in the defualt gateway IP and hit enter, should bring up the config page for the zyxel.

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    What is the model no. of that P600 unit?

    Most likely it's a modem router unit, p600 is a series of ADSL routers and modems ( P660R, P623, P662....etc).


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