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Thread: Adding a second NIC to my Dell XPS (on-board NIC defective)

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    Angry Adding a second NIC to my Dell XPS (on-board NIC defective)

    My new Dell XPS 410 seems to have developed an erratic NIC (integrated on motherboard, of course). Last 2 weeks, constant recurring timeouts on e-mail server and (now) internet, as well. I have a new 10/100/1000 PCI NIC (USR) and an open PCI slot. If I install the new NIC card, can it co-exist with the integrated unit (using only the one connection to my cable modem) without conflicts or do I have to disable the existing on-board unit to get internet connectivity?

    I have troubleshot and tweaked everything on the new XPS, (TCP/IP, etc) but to no avail. If I use the new PCI NIC and normal connectivity returns, I will be calling Dell Tech Support to 'strongly request' they replace the motherboard ASAP. (Not the first time I've had this problem with Dell PC motherboards)

    Please provide your (expert) recommendation(s).

    Thank You so much !

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    You can keep the existing onboard nic installed and disable it in Device Manager, but the best thing to do is access the bios at boot and disable the onboard nic there. However, how can you be sure the nic is at fault, it could be an isp issue?
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    Smile Re: TonyT

    ISP is not an issue. My other Dell (Dim. 8400) PC (my wife's) is connected to the same cable modem through a LinkSys (wired) router. That PC experiences no slow-downs or timeouts - connectivity is great.

    Thanks for the reply, Mr. T. That confirmed what I thought I knew.

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