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Thread: Remote Desktop into a LAN with multiple PC's

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    Remote Desktop into a LAN with multiple PC's

    Hi Guys,

    I wonder if anyone could help me clarify some Remote Desktop connections queries I have.

    I have 3 PCS with XP Pro on my network

    ADLS Modem/Router (internal IP
    | | |
    PC1 PC2 PC3

    So I have port forwarded 3389 for PC1 ( and PC2 (, but my query is when I remote desktop how can I choose what PC to login? read somewhere that PC2 should have another porforwarded (3399?) but then how would I remote desktop into 3399?

    This is very confusing. I have no problem remote desktop(ing) into a single pc setup (1modem 1PC that's it) It's just when you have more than one PC I am very very confused.

    I hope all this makes sense.

    Thank you

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    If you want to RD into 3x different PCs on a LAN behind the same have a couple of choices..

    Get a router that supports a direct VPN connection to you can connect to the router..and be given access to the entire LAN. what you're ports on the routers firewall. can only forward a port to a single LAN IP port 3389 can only go to 1x PC. If you want another PC to be made available through the'll have to change the default port..something like 3390 or 3391.

    And..from the remote add a colon ( : ) to the IP address..followed by the custom port.
    Example say you WAN IP address is your'd type this into the RDC>..
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    Thanks you're a legend, cleared that right up

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    or you could set your router to foward ports this way

    Outside port 3389 to inside port 3389
    Outside port 3300 to inside port 3389
    Outside port 3001 to inside port 3389

    Most home routers support port redirection from a outside port, to a diff inside port.

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