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Thread: Help a networking nube?

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    Help a networking nube?

    As soon as I get a handle on some of the correct terms to use I will use the search feature and not bother you guys - for now a little quick help please.
    I am connecting to broadband via a Motorola SBG900i Wireless Modem. I have both a desktop and a laptop each connecting independantly of each other. My question is - how can I make a network between the Desktop and the Laptop (to exchange files etc) by using the Motorola wireless modem. If the answer is too long tell me what to search for and I will dig it out. Thanks for any info guys.

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    Depending on your operating systems....can generally just run the network setup wizard within Windows XP. Your router doesn't care if a PC is connected wirelessly or not..they are on the same network already as far as the router is concerned.
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