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Thread: Ebay = pwnt

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    Ebay = pwnt

    Vladuz, who is believed to be Romanian, taunted the company in one of the notes. In response to a post where eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said that Vladuz didn’t have access to eBay’s internal systems, the hacker wrote: “Durzy … lies all the time.” Later, responding to a complaint that Vladuz had been tardy with a reply, the hacker wrote “I was very busy. Being hunted by eBay doesn’t leave you much free time.”

    "Can anyone believe that counterfeiters using phished accounts could list this many items, using all new accounts each time, three or four times a day? Day after day?" she said. "There are thousands of them ... EBay is completely at the mercy of the scammers.”

    Looks like this guy has access to their shiznit.....

    edit>glad I've never opened an account with them ever......

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    He found an exploit for their bulletin boards, nothing more.

    No account data, no auction data, nothing valuable. If he had he would have been a ******* to expose it rather than take advantage of it.

    "Look at me, look at me, I'm a hax0r!"

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