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Thread: Dog grooming..

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    Dog grooming..

    Hi all,
    Need a little help here, I bought a toy poodle around Xmas, Only have had her 2 months... She is now a year old.........Took her to the vets, updated all her shots, got her question is what should I look for in a proffesional dog groomer?..............I hear some groomers drug the dogs, is this good??

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    Word of mouth is generally a trustworthy souce ChevyMan. Any friends, acquaintances, co-workers have dogs and use a grooming service? Some actually specialize in the poodle breed, as they are not the easiest to groom. Ask around, and maybe you can latch on to a good one for her. We have an excellent one here in town, who has never had to advertise...word of mouth is what she relies on, and happy puppies! That does'nt help you much!! Good luck to ya!
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