Hi, folks.

I've been connecting through a wireless 54mb 'G' adapter with no problems on an XP system up until recently. Now I can only browse at what seems like 300 baud! This happens with both IE 7 and Firefox 2, although Firefox 2 is even slower than IE. In fact, for some reason Firefox won't even bother to load any graphics and just shows text. To load a page takes about 5-20 minutes!

Yet when I connect and use one of the various Internet speed tests out there, I get a great result: 800 M or so. When I use another system running XP that's connected directly to the router via ethernet, everything's fine and fast, so the cable internet source is working fine. I must have a good connection, so what do you think is going on?

Source connection: Comcast Cable

Wireless Router: Netgear WRG614 v3 - Latest firmware

Wireless Adapter on Receiving Computer: Netgear WG311 v1 - Latest Drivers (even tried 1.5 beta)

Receiving Computer: HP Pavillion, 3.2GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP Home, SP2, Up to date

Unique SSID, WEP 128 bit security, Infrastructure Mode

ZERO virues or other malware present. Deep and complete scan using:
- G Data Anti-Virus (with both Kaspersky and Bit Defender engines in combination)
- Avira Classic Anti-Virus
- A-Squared Anti-Malware (probably the best on the market)
- Spybot S&D

Any ideas?