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Thread: Three Console Kings

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    Way too much to read.

    Now would be the time for sega to attempt a come back. I know it isn't going to happen. But if they could drop a no frills $200 console and sell games at $40 a pop I think they would bank.

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    I purchased the Wii for the kids and it's truely an all around FUN family gaming platform. So well thought out that even Dad can sneak in and play Resident Evil with the added old controller ports. The Wii online wireless setup was a breeze and the features are wonderful.

    I've recently acquired a PS3 on a trade and it's absolutely gorgeous - a work of art. It's folding power is incredible and a few of the games are quite nice. However, it's not worth spending the amount of money they are asking for and I would never buy a game for $70 Canadian!. Luckily there is a strong foothold for used games on the market.

    The PC is still my personal favorite, but that has alot to do with my love of tinkering. I havn't played a game in sometime but I do miss some original concepts like Half Life, Grim Fandango, Fear and Doom 3 to name a few. Unfortunatley the PC market is in an incredible transition stage and it's left me in the dark on what to do. My focus is on the the next Crytec DX10 release and will make my decision at that time what to do. For the moment, the consoles will have to take on the duties. The other problems with the PC is what I would consider the Vista disgrace in product implementation, costs and crazy inadequency in support in a number of software and hardware scenarios. Even the videocard industry is a huge question mark, from the AMD acquistion of ATI - April release? Maybe? - to the constant changes in power supply plugs for these videocards. The cpu market is another entire paragraph but I have to leave

    xbox? Na, Bill has enough of my money
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