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Thread: Tweak Programs?

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    Thumbs up Tweak Programs?

    I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on tweaking software. I have WinBoost 2001 Gold and I was just wondering if maybe their might be a better tweak program out there like TweakUI. Or does what I have cover the basics?

    What do you prefer?

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    I have Winboost 2K1, TweakUI 2K & X-Teq<----My Favorite, but they are all pretty good. TweakUI has the least options to configure while X-Tea has the most. Winboost 2K1 has the best looking GUI of the trio. I use them all and my system is highly tweaked. There are a few overlapping featues spanning the trio so just use one program first, the reboot, and then use the next one and yada yada yada. I find that this trio works the best for me. Between the 3, it covers practically all of the Win98/ME tweaks.

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    I`m running X-Setup on W/ME and W/2000. It seems to work pretty well. Tried the new TweakUI, had some problems running it and X-setup together so went back to X-Setup only.......


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    Im not that experienced of a user so X-teq and tweakui do all the things I need done
    I use tweahui for speeding up my popup menus and X-teq for all system tools . It has all the system tools listed in the program. I love it !


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