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Thread: 3com wireless laptop problem!help please!

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    3com wireless laptop problem!help please!

    ok i got a new laptop.and a new 3com router. i connect the 3com router up to my pc and broadband. all the lights are lit up green, and everything seems to be working. my laptop finds the 3com router and has great connection. but, it wont connect to the internet??im running on windows vista. ive shared my broadband connections and stuff, and i have looked to see if my firewall was disabling it in anyway but its not. on my laptop i click on diagnose and repair on my wireless network connection, then it comes up saying, "cannot connect with primary dns server( i dont know if there is a problem with the router settings itself?its a web based program, where you type in the ip in the web address, opens up all the settings and such. but i cant make head or tail on it all!please help!



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    Is your internet connection cable or DSL?
    If it's DSL, have you enabled PPPoE and entered username and password into the router?
    I assume for this purpose your laptop is connected by cat 5 to the router.
    Get your internet working and then move on to configuring wireless, if needed/wanted.

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    its cable modem!

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