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Thread: VPN Server and Client

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    VPN Server and Client

    Okay, heres' what I am striving for, I need to practice setting up a VPN Server and Client.

    Here's my current setup
    -Router\Modem (Providing DHCP)
    -Wireless Router (Recieving IP Address from Wired Router\Modem)
    -One Desktop computer is wired to the Wireless Router
    -Two Wireless Desktop PC's using the Wireless Router
    -One Wireless Gaming Adaptor using Wireless Router
    -Wireless computers are running Windows XP Pro and Wired Computer is running Windows 98Slow Edition

    I'm not sure if the wired or wireless router is providing NAT??? I've checked the settings on the wired router and it seems to be providing Network Address Port Translation, and the Wireless router has a setting of enabled for NAT.

    *I would like for the VPN server and client to be on the same LAN.
    (I have no way of accessing a remote location at this time)

    *Just trying to experiment, Prepping self for Network+ exam*

    Is this possible??? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    In other for all to be on the same want to change your wireless be only an access point. Daisy chaining 2x routers will segment your network.

    Say your main router is, take your wireless router..change its LAN IP to be in the same range..but outside the DHCP pool. Something like

    Now...disable DHCP on the wireless router.

    Next..uplink your wireless router to your main router..using only one of the LAN ports of your wireless will not use the internet/WAN port of the wireless router.

    Now you've basically changed the router of the wireless that of just an access point, which is what you wanted in the first place.
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