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Thread: am1772 wireless lan chipset & Intel pro wireless

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    am1772 wireless lan chipset & Intel pro wireless

    I need some help guys (and girls :-s)

    I'm trying to get my wireless connection to work. I'm able to connect one time with my AP, but when i restart my laptop or I disconnect i'm not able to regain access with my AP

    Further i'm not able to restore my Wireless connection, because i get an error that says (something like) I can not restore because de wirelessadapter cannot be shutdown, please reinstall the adapter.

    No this is where i lost it. In the list of the device manager the following adapters are shown. ( I show only the miniports)

    - am1772 wireless lan chipset - miniport
    - Intel pro wireless xxx network connection - miniport
    - Broadcom 10/100 integrated controller - miniport

    I don't know what the am1772 wireless lan chipset is for, but i can't uninstall it.

    So far that i know I only have the broadcom (ethernet) and the intel pro (wireless)

    Can anybody explain what the am1772 is for, and how to remove it from my laptop. I've tryed to install 2 cardbuses to the laptop, does this contributed to this fault??

    I hope someone can help me.
    I'm from the netherlands so i apologise for my bad english.

    Thanks mark

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    I'd refer to documentation...find out which adapter your laptop has....and make sure you have the latest drivers for your wireless NIC.

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    Thnx a lot, but i didn't fixed the problem. Because i'm a very impatience person ;-) I used a radicale method. I,ve used an image to return my laptop to it's early configuration.......and the am1772 was gone :-D

    I'm still not able to connect a second time to my router, but now i'm finally able to reset the d*mn thing :-D

    Anyway thnx for your suggestion and your link.

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