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Thread: Computer is running sooo slow!

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    Computer is running sooo slow!

    Hey Guys,

    Alright so im sick of how slow this computer is running so i figured i'd post something here. I'm running a Pentium D (DUO core) @ 2.8GHZ, 2G Ram, and a 270GB 7200 hard drive on Windows XP. The computer in general is running very slow but especially starting up is rediculous. I've ran so many programs that are supposed to help speed up your computer but im not seeing any results. I've defraged, taken unneccessary items out of startup, like i said ran many programs that do whatever it is to speed up your computer but no results. What im looking for is maybe a program that you guys use that works for you. Maybe there is something im missing but any ideas or opinions would be great ... i know you dont have much information to go on but hopefully i'll be able to work this out ... and soon.

    Thanks in advance

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    ccleaner - dont forget the issues section.
    Try RegscrubXP too.

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