No more frustrating diassembling and connecting it to your pc

Xecuter X360 USB $53.00
5+ $52.00
10+ $51.00



- Backup HDD Game Saves:
Back up all your Xbox 360 HDD Game Saves and media files onto your PC with ease and comfort. Utilize your Xbox 360 Hard Disc storage space to the max by transferring files onto your PC.

- Update DVD Firmware:
You can now read and write to your DVD drives firmware chip. Get the latest updates to keep your drive running at its peak performance, no more SATA frustrations and incompatibilities. Compatible with all programs such as Birdy & Garyopa

- Portable:
X360 USB does not require the XBOX to be powered while in use. You can detach the Xbox 360 HDD & DVD and connect directly to your USB port (DVD Powered by Xecuter 360 Connectivity Kit). The X360 USB is the first and only device in the world that converts both the Xbox 360 HDD & DVD to USB

- No Sata?, No Problem!
Will also work for ANY Sata hard drives to use them on your PC if it lacks Sata ports, or no ports are available.

- Extremely Compact:
Can be easily hidden away behind your computer.

- Clearly Visible LED's:
Power, Activity, and Status LED's clearly visible on top of the unit.

- SS Dumper:
Dump X360 Disc SS's with appropriate firmware flashed DVD's.

- All Cables Included:
We also provide a high quality USB & SATA cable.

Also included, the new Xecuter 360 Connectivity Kit v2:

-NEW- Power On/Off for ease of hotswapping
-NEW- PCB Design eliminating risk of shorts
-NEW- Cool LED Design (Why? who cares - it looks cool)
-NEW- Better connectors to eliminate risk of cable damage
All the standard Mode b / Eject Features are still there of course.
We are also STILL throwing in the 360 HDD adapter for FREE !

World's First Xbox 360 HDD, DVD** & ANY SATA Hard Disk to USB Converter All-In-One. You can now connect your Xbox 360 HDD & DVD** to USB on your PC. You can also connect ANY SATA Hard Drive. The X360 USB is a "plug and play" device that is easily recognized by Windows. The X360 USB supports USB 2.0 for super fast file transfer with speeds up to 480 mbps.

Notice: Currently compatible with (HITACHI-LG GDR-3120L) DVD Drives Only.