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Thread: gps stree and trips 06

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    gps stree and trips 06

    i have the earthmate gps LT-20 "cannt find my street atals cd"
    so i trying to use this gps with street and trips 06 the comp see the gps but street and trips dont when i click configer gps
    but when i click start gps it says gps receiver is sending messages but they are not recognised as nmea 2.0 (4800 bps) i seen wear this gps is set at 9600 is thier a way to change the setting only place i see the gps is in device manager as human interface devices

    thier web site

    Q: Will the USB Earthmate work with non-DeLorme software?

    A: Yes. The USB Earthmate is NMEA 0183 V.2.0 compliant and will work with suitably configured non-DeLorme software. Visit the DeLorme support site for more information about required drivers.

    i go to the support and it sends me right back to the same page ggrrrrrrrr wear is my cd for street atlas i need it in the morn
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