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Thread: Should I update my KIS version?

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    Question Should I update my KIS version?

    I was just wondering should I update my KIS to KIS (compatible with Windows Vista)

    Cause I don't use Vista atm, and don't plan on it for a while (using XP Home SP-2)...Is there any changes that I would need this update or should I stick with the, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it attitude?" Cause KIS is working great atm and doesn't seem to give me any problems. With all this new improved stuff, usually comes, new improved problems

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    I use and haven't had a single issue, I would recommend uninstalling your current version first rather than install overtop of it.

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    hmm, is there any improvements or changes that I would need the upgrade, other than they made support for Vista (which im not using or going to be using until they fix/patch some stuff) or should I just wait it out until they make some necessary changes which impact my protection?!

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    Yes, there are other fixes, here is the changelog:


    1. Support for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

    2. x64 support in the Anti-Spam component.

    3. Enhanced recognition of graphic spam.

    4. Redesigned updating component.

    5. Alternative activation servers have been added.

    Known problems:

    1. Disinfection of e-mail databases in PST format attached to a message is not supported.

    2. Problems may occur during Anti-Spam processing of certain message headers containing Japanese hieroglyphs if header checks are enabled.

    3. After work in the advanced disinfection mode to prevent an active infection links to deleted infected files may remain in the registry in some cases.

    4. Application of defined settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer functions incorrectly if different proxy servers are specified for various protocols.

    5. Scanning of VBA macros: monitoring of APIFUNCTION macro execution is disabled.

    6. In some cases message subject in the preview window of Microsoft Office Outlook does not change when the message is open and it contains detected spam.

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