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Thread: God Bless and Love the Nurses

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    God Bless and Love the Nurses

    Hiya Gang,

    I feel compelled to write this in honor of all of our professional nurses, in all degrees and their aids, who are equally as important in the medical field. If you followed my surgery thread at all, you already know, that most of my case has been a total nightmare from right out of the gate. It took a total of a 7 month fight to even get to the surgery portion...then the fun really got worse from that point on.

    Our hospitals are horribly understaffed, the workers overworked, supplies always on short demands, including medicines as well. More than once two of my medications went untaken, because they could not get them there fast enough.

    I was misdiagnosed with two different ailments, that I did not have...DO not have and that began the roller coaster of nightmares. There is no such thing in the hospital as dealing with just one Doctor...each is there own specialist in their own little fact I did not see the surgeon who fixed my legs and the aneurism for at least the first week. My left lung was badly damaged due to chemo and radiation several years fact the bottom of the lung is much like a piece of shoe will never be any better...will always have a bad exray involved...and my oxegyn level in that lung will never go above 88%. The Dr.s were sure they could stretch that lungs all their treatments for that were nil. FInally with the help of a very special nurse...we got through to a Dr. who listened...and immediately discontinued the treatment. By then I was cell addicted to the oxegyn...not that it did'nt save my life at one point, because it did....twice that I can recall. The machine they call the thumper however, I pray none of you EVER have to deal with...that one literally pounds oxygen into your system. I was told I went down 8 times, into shock 3 times, and never should have made it back...but I did...and who can I thank? My each and every single case.

    There is no one more dedicated to their positions than nurses, both male and female. I had the best of the best..and after being there for 28 days, and returned to 3 different intensive care units...I got to meet a fair number of the staff there. It was my nurses who laughed with me, cried with me, walked with me, went to testings and treatments with me, would not allow some techs to even move me until they had my back problems covered as well as the legs, and was reasonably comfortable. It was the nurses who suggested to the Dr.s what problem I was having. Some did not care for that one tiny bit, but they are used to it, and most have a way around the difficult doctors.

    I personally refused to work with some of the staff there, two were Drs, two were in physical therapy, one was in respitory therapy, and of all the hundreds of nurses there., that I dealt with..there was only one I could not manage. What does that say?

    I had nurses protecting me everywhere in isolation as well, when that finally happened after receiving the staff infection. Equipment was know to disappear out of my room while on a walk with physical therapy. Keep in mind that this (my) room is now a contaminated room, and nothing should be leaving that room period...especially equipment moved into yet another patients room. Its usually needed immediately, and thus no sterilaztion procedures provided...I had a bench removed at one nurse found it in just a few moments....down the another patients room...that was still soiled....sad...sad....sad... The stories could go on forever. I was and still am totally stunned and bewildered.
    There was a day they were so short staffed..that they had an oncology nurse up on my floor, delivering lunch er nurse working on general surgery floor, the aids had been sent home...another sad state of affairs...but the nurses covered the nurses...and were still fantastic with their patients.

    In icu each nurse is assigned 4 patients each, with usually 2 aids on the floor as well. We are speaking icu here...critically ill patients who can do little or nothing for themselves. Yet if the floor population drops down to 18 patients....the aids are sent home. leaving everything to the nurses period. 12 hour shifts of THAT, can take you down quickly....yet most were always smiling, my last and extra special one was always singing to me. I looked forward to her coming down the hallways in the morning.

    Names? I am sure I have forgotten more than I will mention...but each and every one has a place in my heart....Terry, Tim, Cherie, Erline, Bryan, Jemmel, Arlene, Betty, Tabatha, Beth, Heather, Gene, Linda, and of course sweet Kathie. You are all my guiding beacons. May God forever bless you and yours, for all your loving efforts. You are his Angels on earth!! Thank you!!

    God Bless and Love the Nurses
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