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Thread: Cat5 patch cable length vs. signal strength question

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    Question Cat5 patch cable length vs. signal strength question

    I plan to buy the following 100ft Belkin cat5e cable from Amazon:

    I need this to connect an additional computer in my LAN via my Nexland ISB SOHO.

    Can anyone tell me if using such a long cable degrade the signal strength?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The standard max length for fast ethernet is 100 meters (roughly 3x times as far)'re good.
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    You will be fine. I have seen 100-200ft cat5 cables that look like a tangled jumble of christmas lights, and they still worked. It amazes me what it can go through when you look at EIA/TIA guidelines for the care required to install it properly.

    Other factors will play a larger role, like brick transformers near the cable ends. The ends are the most susceptible to interference since the pairs are untwisted(thus unshielded).

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